To help two young sisters settle into their new family home, we decorated and furnished their bedrooms with care.

The youngest child, aged 5, asked for a bedroom fit for a princess. Her imagination was full of blossom, pink kittens, sparkling jewels, and – a swing! Her Mum, on the other hand, wanted to ensure that the room was also restful, somewhere calming and cosy to sit and read at bedtime.  Shimmering finishes, such as the silver ceiling and crystal chandelier, are perfect not only for the “princess” look, but also to create reflection in a room that was otherwise low on natural light. In combination, delicate colours and elegant furniture were chosen to last the little girl for many years as she grows up.  

Detailed consideration went into the second bedroom, for a thoughtful young lady in her “tweens”.  The room needed to satisfy a multitude of functions, to feel like a safe haven, to reflect her passions, and to inspire her every day. Soft peachy pinks feel cocooning, while contrasting powder blues are calming and dreamy. An abundance of roses – a favourite flower – combined with mid-century furniture and a four poster bed work towards a feminine sanctuary with a vintage feel. The intrigue doesn’t stop there though… for through the wardrobe lies a secret! Read more about it in the Journal.