Meet laura

Laura grew up in South Wales, where her passion for the arts shone through from an early age, first expressing itself in her love of the cello. She studied English and French at the University of Warwick, but, after graduating, defied expectations by entering the Law. Drawing on her natural professional drive and aptitude for management and diplomacy, she carved out a successful career as a City lawyer. It was with this rigorous professional training under her belt that she moved into Interior Design, a field which offered the perfect marriage of creativity and professionalism.

Laura completed her interior design qualification at Sydney Design School in 2009, and continued her professional development back in London at KLC School of Design. The experience she gained in the ensuing years, working for a range of residential interiors companies in London’s Chelsea Harbour, gave her a broad and invaluable knowledge of the industry.

While she thrives on the buzz of city life and never fails to get a creative kick out of the many exciting innovations in the world of interiors, her roots in the Welsh countryside have fostered a commitment to craftsmanship, artisan design, sustainability and the environment.

“Understanding my clients lies at the heart of my design ethos. I love making discoveries and creating beautiful spaces, but underneath that is a commitment to finding exactly what is right for my clients and their home, whatever that may be.”

Design Philosophy

The Mission

Designing for Wellbeing

Laura firmly believes that a beautiful, thoughtfully designed home is the foundation for wellbeing, enhancing every aspect of life. Her interiors are calm yet inspiring environments where beauty is always underpinned by function. She strives for stylishness and innovation, and embraces modernity for the freshness and fluidity it offers. But she never loses sight of a home’s primary purpose to nurture, nourish and quite simply work for her clients, their family and guests.

The Approach

A Personal, Meticulous Service

Meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising determination to do whatever it takes to ensure every project runs smoothly inform all that Laura does. She takes control of the complex organisational aspects of a project and works closely with her clients to discover and interpret their unique lifestyle needs and personal tastes.

Whether working on the decorating refresh of one room or a complete home renovation, Laura makes the same heartfelt promise to her clients: that working with her on the creation and evolution of their home will be both an effortless and enriching experience.

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