An expansive, open plan living area offers much opportunity to create an environment befitting the lifestyle of a large, young family. Distinct zones and breakaway areas within this space help to achieve the cosiness we all desire at home too.

The owners of this home have a real love of the sea, having spent many years living in coastal locations.  The sea, the shore, and the sky became the inspiration for the colours, patterns and textures used in the scheme. This inspiration is seen more obviously in the art works, some of them new acquisitions, while others already owned and loved.

Naturally, the clients desired a beautiful and comfortable home. But, given the young age of the children, they requested that the furnishings be hard-wearing too.  In terms of style, to accommodate the variety of aesthetic tastes within the family, an eclectic modern look is well suited. The end result is relaxed and approachable: an unstuffy and inspiring home.