As a child of the eighties, a request to create a secret world through the back of a wardrobe brought back fond memories of the TV adaptation of the C.S. Lewis story we all loved. Now, I might not quite stretch to lions and witches, but a fanciful playroom-cum-boudoir, no problem!

My young client’s bedroom included an en suite space that had never been plumbed in as a bathroom. She wanted it to become a secret room where she could hide away from the world (and her little sister) and keep all her treasures safe. We translated her passion for history and royal styling into a secret little wonderland, a trip back in time.  

Wallpaper printed with royal motifs forms the backdrop to an antique-style dressing table, and we used a turquoise blue moiré to create the trimmed curtain with full swag and tail. Gilt finishes to the period light fittings and some painstaking gold detailing to the ornate cornice and ceiling rose work towards that regal feel (fit for Marie Antoinette, my French photographer said). A bespoke built-in display cabinet is the place to keep a cherished dolls house under lock and key right now. Then, in time, it can become dressing room storage. And what a superb little dressing room it will be.