One of the last jobs I was able to do on site last month, before the government lockdown came about, was to help my clients accessorise the tall shelving unit that forms the focal point of the living area in their family home.

We had taken inspiration for the scheme from the colours, textures, and patterns of the sea, and my client was keen to include organic accessories that held educational value too, given the age of her youngest children.  I set about sourcing suitable fossils and gemstones.

A large and heavy piece of labradorite makes a beautiful accessory, perfect in its natural imperfection.  Its deep grey-green iridescence holds such drama, changing its colour flashes with the light of the day.  

The ammonite, with its ribbed spiral-form shell, and the fish fossil bring museum-level interest and a great deal of life to the display:  life that began millions of years ago.