A familiar challenge in bathroom design, particularly in urban locations, is the size of the space available. There is just so much to fit into what is usually the smallest room of the house! Add to that the fact that many of us these days are looking to the bathroom as a place to spend more time relaxing.

For the design of this compact bathroom, I dug into my designer’s bag of tricks! Here are some of those top tips:

1. Extra large mirrors or mirror-cladded walls instantly improve the sense of space in a room;

2. For extra storage space, build cabinets and niche shelves into the stud wall;

3. Choose specialist sanitaryware with slightly more compact dimensions – 50mm can make all the difference to your ability to navigate your way around the items with ease;

4. Research fold away & pivot bath shower screens, which give greater flexibility to enjoy a luxurious bath without a large piece of glass getting in the way; and

5. Choose a washstand over a vanity unit for an airier look.

The finished result (photo 1) marks quite a difference from the original bathroom (photo 2).