Home entertainment systems – whether sound, video, or cinema – are taken for granted in the modern home.  But large screens and speaker systems can detract from a beautiful space unless careful thought is given.

Let’s take televisions screens.  Often, homeowners wish to be able to watch shows in several rooms in the home:  Kitchen, Snug, Drawing Room, Bedrooms, Gym.  One of the tasks of the interior designer is to ensure that screens are integrated to be as unobtrusive as possible. 

Working closely with audio visual specialists and bespoke furniture designers, there are many smart ways to have a screen in the room while keeping it hidden when not in use.  These photographs show three methods recently employed:

  1. A bespoke freestanding unit with false front was designed to coordinate with the Master Bedroom.  Concealed inside is a lift-and-swivel mechanism that allows the screen to be raised and used when required;
  2. In the Snug, a traditional mirror incorporating state-of-the-art glass hides a television screen within it; 
  3. Rather than placing a television directly onto the wall in the Kitchen, the builders created a niche so that the television and bracket were set back, allowing the screen itself to be completely flush with the wall.